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August 12, 2018 / Aisa Cup 2018

Asia Cup 2018 Cricket Match Schedule

>h1>ASIA Cup 2018 Cricket Match Schedule ICC and Asian Cricket Council have confirmed ASIA Cup 2018, which will take place...
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July 15, 2018 / Pakistan Vs Australia in Zimbabwe

Pakistan in Zimbabwe ODI Series

Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe 2018. First Match won by Pakistan. Man of the Match was Imam ul Haq. And Pakistan...
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July 4, 2018

Pakistan and Australia in Zimbabwe series

Pakistan tour and Australia in Zimbabwe 27 June 2018 three international teams one series to gather playing. Pakistan will lock...
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ASIA CUP 2018 Cricket Match Schedule

ASIA CUP 2018 Cricket Match Schedule

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1 Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka (Group B) 15 September Dubai
2 Pakistan vs Qualifier 1 (Group A) 16 September Dubai
3 Sri Lanka vs Afganistan (Group B) 17 September Abu Dhabi
4 India vs Qualifer 1 (Group A) 18 September Dubai
5 India vs Pakistan (Group A) 19 September Dubai
6 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Group B) 20 September Abu Dhabi
7 Group A Winners vs Group B Runners-up 21 September Dubai
8 Group B Winners vs Group A Runners-up 21 September Abu Dhabi
9 Group B Runners-up vs Group A Runners-up 23 September Dubai
10 Group A Winners vs Group B Winners 23 September Abu Dhabi
11 Group A Winners vs Group A Runners-up 25 September Dubai
12 Group B Winners vs Group B Runners-ip 26 September Abu Dhabi
13 ASIA Cup 2018 FINAL MATCH 28 September Dubai

International Cricket Council in World Cricket

The (ICC) International Cricket Council is the international governing body of cricket. It was start in 1909 by the of England' & South Africa Australia as. In 1965, It have been renamed as 'International Cricket Conference', and finally in 1989 it was changed the name as a (ICC) 'International Cricket Council' . Its head quarter is located in Dubai, United.
The current ICC chairman is:Shashank Manohar
President: Zaheer Abbas
Chief Executive Officer: Richardson

Members of International Cricket Council

It has types of membership: Full Members, Members and Affiliate Members .

1. Australia South Africa India Pakistan WestIndies England, New Zealand, SriLanka, and Zimbabwe is a membership.

2. There are 39 and more then company countries where cricket is firmly established and organized but have not yet been granted Full membership.

3. There are 56 and more then Member countries in the ICC recognized that cricket are played through to the laws of Cricket.

Functional of the International Cricket Council (ICC)

1. It is responsible for (ICC) majors international cricket tournaments of cricket in which the 'Cricket World Cup" is the main roles.

2. It employs all of Umpires and Match referees, who are responsible for the successful events of all in the word Test cricket matches, one-day cricket matches international and Twenty-20 international tournaments and events.

3. It deals with the code of conduct for cricket, as well as the professional standards of discipline, action against corruption and match fixing. But it is worth noting that there is no rule of law about domestic cricket competitions held in ICC member countries.

Sources of income of the ICC

The main source of income of the ICC is the organization of tournaments Cricket World Cup). The ICC different part a large portion of its income among its member countries. Between 2007 and 2015, the ICC earned 1.7 billion US dollars from sponsor ship and television and internet rights. Other sources of income also include income from the membership of the ICC and sponsor ship and income from the investment in (ICC).

Indian Premier League 2018 Event Details
VIVO Indian Premier League 11, commonly called IPL 2018, will start on April 7 with two of the most successful tournament teams, the Mumbai Indians (MI) and the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) borghorns for what will surely be two months of acting drama and sports extravaganza. The IPL 2018 program contains a total of 60 games from April 7 to May 27, 2018. After the IPL 2018 opening ceremony, the first MI vs CSK match starts at 8:00 AM on STI.
The Mumbai Indians' defending champion will include two winners of the Chennai Super Kings IPL in the IPL 2018 season match on April 7 in Mumbai. Chennai who returns after two years will be reunited with their talismanic captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni as leader. Much speculation about the regular race time was changed, but they remain unchanged - the afternoon matches start at 16:00 and the matches in the evening start at 20:00. In fact, the 13th IPL 2018 has a double header and all are played at the weekend - Saturday and Sunday. 44 out of 60 match games are scheduled for the evening.

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